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Video Game: Terminator Resistance, Skybuck approved ! =D 3.5 out of 5stars (7 out of 10)

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Old November 27th 19, 11:55 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default Video Game: Terminator Resistance, Skybuck approved ! =D 3.5 out of 5stars (7 out of 10)

Here my short review of this video game:

Terminator Resistance

Played by me, Skybuck Flying, 20 years first person shooter experienced player.

Played on AMD X2 3800+ Dual Core 2.0 GHz processor and NVIDIA GT 1030 graphics card and Seagate USB 3.0 Backup Plus 5 TB External Drive.

Played on 1280x1024 resolution with medium settings and 7.0 surround sound system.

Basically this game is a dream come true. As a young teenager I dreamed and wondered what such a game would be like and basically this game forfills all my dreams.

I think almost 26 years for this to become a reality but now it is REAL.

This Terminator game is by far by now the BEST Terminator game EVER.

It far exceeded my expectations.

1. The graphics are fantastic.
2. The environments are pretty large, which does lead to some long loading times and also page swapping but I accept this.
3. Lots of details and art to look at.
4. Sound is pretty good, could have been slighty better.
5. Story line is great and enjoyable and fits perfectly with the first two movies.
6. Resistance bunker pretty cool. Terminator action inside of it could have been a little bit better.
7. Menu system good.
8. Sound effect good.
9. Music sometimes fantastic
10. Mood extremely exciting and thrilling and suiting to this genre and franchise. This game had me sitting on the edge of my seat at times.
11. Very scary game and just how it should be.
12. Probably most scary shooter to this date.
13. Much longer playtime than expected which was cool and surprising.
14. What I liked best compared to other shooters was fear of dieing.
When you die you face a long loading time and maybe some progress lost.
So in this case there are real-world consequences to death which is kinda funny and cool.
15. I enjoyed scavenging and exploring the world, later this proved to be very valuable for selling stuff and being new weapons, so new players I advise you to pick up EVERYTHING =D Though this will increase play time but definetly worth it for smooth experience Though you can also decide to safe time but this might make killing stuff later harder.
16. Nice skill tree.
17. Females looked fantastic and hot in this game, especially the commander was super hot ! =D

These developers and this game has shown the potential of such a terminator game.

I want to talk mostly about what could be better and also some downsides about this game.

1. No skirmish.
2. No multiplayer.
3. No survival/zombie like mode/overrun mode like left 4 dead or call of duty.
4. No escape mode like aliens vs predator 2.
5. No driveable vehicles are machines/craft.
6. No real interaction with computers except for a frogger game. Though there is funny linux scripts to look at at green screen.
7. No quick replay, after you die, game goes back to loading screen which is a major downside for showing friends this game and letting them try it, for me personally not that much of a problem. Kinda like the fear I had of dieing, didn't want to go back to loading screen.
8. Replay value is somewhat limited because of story mode, can't get into action quick. Highly appreciate the skippeable dialogs though, not always possible though for example during walking scenes.
9. No explanation of how GUI/combat GUI works. (Though would be boring to sit through, had to discover this myself, short hints could have helped, but too focused on game anyway, so kinda nice more emersion)
10. No explanation of skill point system tree. Only at the end did I understand where to see my skill points available top right star.
11. Must enable "combat gui" to be always present... didn't really mind that much but this slightly unusual compared to other shooters. I preferred combat gui on at the end to see ammo and health status. This is what shooter players are used to. Think of it as "feeling" your own body and how health you are... since we can't feel it... we can't feel pain... combat GUI can replace it, so it's warrented.
12. Unfortunately no time travel. I think it would have been awesome if the end of the game would have allowed us to play at least "1 time mission" back in 1994/1995 or 1984... just a teaser/hook into a next possible game... LOL.
Like call of duty had: SEE YOU NEXT TIME ! =D Though the end of this game does leave these options open for a next terminator game, I feel like.
13. I was kinda hoping for an infiltrator invasion of bunker/shelter, it does happen but not like in the movie, would have loved to fight that war in the shelter like in movie, there is some of it, but just not enjoy and a bit different but too much/overkill might also be a bit boring, but terminators could have hide everywhere and ambush anybody visitting it etc.
14. Heal key and bomb key should not be next to each other, killed myself a few times accidently by throwing bomb/pipe instead of healing =D kinda funny though =D

Now what can be improved would have I have liked/loved better in this game:

1. Much more sinister hiding of terminator around corners, doors, behind staircases, dark corners, more surprising hiding places of terminator were you least expect them, like they were hoping for you to be curious. Maybe that don't make much sense but I think it would... humans are smart and scavenging and hiding, therefore terminator should become even more smart and try to out smart the humans.
This is by far the most I want to see in a remake of this game or a follow up or a new game but other developer, DICE ofcourse comes to mind.

Terminator's behaviour should be so scary that it gives me nightmares at night ! LOL.

2. More special effects. Some more smoke effects in bunkers maybe from sigarates bad air air filling it up. Lasers shining from terminators eyes through the smoke like in the film. For this big special effects budgets are needed !

3. Slighty better laser and beam/plasma effects, current game is not bad, but could probably be a bit better. Maybe volumetric lightining or raytracing or light/ray casting/RTX. Lot's of stuff possible with that.

4. Ofcourse now that RTX exists reflections could be better and also used to cause some scares or so, terminator in mirror, glass windows, cars mirrors etc

5. Definetly want to see some buggies or controlleable vehicles in a next game or jump on an HK and fight on top of it =D

6. Better animation of throwing sticky/pipe bombs, maybe show arm/hand of player/fighter throwing the pipe/sticky bomb, under hands, sometime top depending on how hard and far it needs to go.

7. Some dreaming or flashbacks for story line could have been done/implemented.

8. Perhaps a little bit more diverse and cycling music it did get a bit repetitive at times.

9. Perhaps a little bit less loot boxes and less loot lieing around it was a bit much and distracted from playing the game somewhat. Though if more ambushes are used then maybe nice.

10. Little bit more diverse locations, bevery hills, amuzement parks, chernobyl, beaches for all I care anything possible. Ofcourse small developer, but this is where a BIG developer could go ALL OUT and create some stunning environments to play in. So far I loved the big building/skyscraper map the best, especially the right part where that women was... with stairways and such very atmospheric.

Could be cool to go inside that building and explore some more the levels of the building, none of that in this game but ok, does keep the story-pace going. A bigger game could go a bit more into this.

For now I have two recommendations:

1. All terminator movie fans play this game ! =D

2. DICE by the rights and make a 10x or 100x BIGGER TERMINATOR GAME ! =D

This Terminator Resistance game proves it can be done, it proves it can be a lot of fun, it proves it's an amazing and fascinating game.

With a little bit more fantasy and depth this can be turned into a true HORROR game and might even be important to teach humanity about the dangers of AI =D

The most difficult challenge DICE will face is implementing TRUE AI or something very DEVILISH AI. Horrifieingly intelligent AI for terminators, infiltrators, at least try and surprise humans with AI/software to surprise the **** out of em and make them DEAD.

For now I will be happy with just a bigger game with even more graphics.

But for a TRUE master piece, more should be invested in also Artificial Intelligence or at least very deceiving programming/scripting to scare the **** out of players and KILL THEM =D.

Getting killed was the most fascinating part about and in this game.

I GOT KILLED MANY TIMES and it was scary as ****.

First I would be bravo and then start panicking as these terminator appeared thougher than I thought which is kinda funny and cool and true to the movie.

A terminator that comes after you and is hard to kill is SCARY AS **** =D

One thing that could even be more scary is A RUNNING TERMINATOR.

I haven't seen that in this game and it would be even more scary !

Also some vocoders/voice acting from terminators would be appreciated like for example when I die/get killed the terminator could say:

"You've been terminated !" =D


"Target Terminated"


"Terminated !" =D

Or maybe even more funny/bad ass terminators that had more interaction with humans as they died, "BAD-ASS-TERMINATORS" who evolved their brains somewhat and picked up some voice speech from humans as they killed them:



Ofcourse also "pretending to be a human voice" like acting grandma voice like in movie or pretending to be a little girl and then luring them into a room/trap or behind a stairway just to kill the human/player that gets curious and goes for a looksy =D

I also want to see some more terminators grabing the players by the throat and squeezing/sufficating them to death or all kinds of other horrible biological organ deaths, pulling out hearts like described in the film, or breaking arms and legs of players, maybe so player has to crawl =D or commit one last brave act of suicide to save/help maybe same co-op teammates or other characters in the solo game play, which can then be played later as well, cause you saved them =D you get to play their lives that you saved ! =D

Maybe some shiny metal effects like battlestar galatica has... shiny metal showing some light sparks or something, or maybe that would over do it.
Maybe some more reflections on the terminators themselfes, maybe even computed with RTX in the future =D

Anyway I lot can be done to improve this game even further.

For now I highly recommend this game to those that saw both movies:

Terminator 1 and Terminator 2.

And finally I give this game, even though it doesn't have all the features/game modes of other games a 3.5 out of 10 stars (or 7 out of 10) for enjoyment and entertainment factor !
Therefore/thus this game is DEFINETLY SKYBUCK APPROVED ! =D

Bye for now,
Old November 28th 19, 10:43 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
[email protected]
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Default Video Game: Terminator Resistance, Skybuck approved ! =D 3.5 outof 5 stars (7 out of 10)

Oh one last thing I forgot to write about:

1. I loved the film grain effect in this game.
2. I loved the blur effect in this game.

The film grain gives it an authentic look.

And the motion blur is also great for looking around and creating a sense of realism if a terminator or anything else is in the corner of your eye.

I can honestly say this is the first and only game where film grain and motion blur actually makes sense =D

Skybuck =D

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