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Upgrading USB 2 to USB 3 ports on a computer case

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Old June 11th 18, 08:13 AM posted to alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt
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Default Upgrading USB 2 to USB 3 ports on a computer case

Paul wrote:

Yes wrote:
Flasherly wrote:

On Sun, 10 Jun 2018 07:18:02 -0000 (UTC), "Yes"

I have an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO USB3 mobo.
Damn -- $359...

If an older model for Amazon's hm, discretionary merchant-pricing
slots. ASUS calling it a Pro/USB3 is a little redundant. I
figured when I got a socket three, although Gigabyte and somewhat
more dated by present driver standards, is it was probably how
things are just done for USB3 convenience: you get USB3 stuck on
the back-plane. Least I did, two plus two, for the extra
dedicated USB3 ports sandwiched into thereabouts, alongside usual
two USB2 ports adjacent the NetWerk RJ45 connection.

Wow, you've got 12 USB2 (8-ports MID-board pin arrays), which is
kind of totally something. . .I guess. ...Firewire, cool - the
"standard" for sound recording gear for some time. Onboard
graphics -- I like, the way to go, at least for me.

But I only just paid $50 for the Gigabyte AM3 because the floor
dropped out on octal cores, a little while ago, due to Ryzen. A
low-wattage variant, primo -- octal bulldozer type, AKA .not. a
250-watt monstrosity, for an unheard-of $90 splurge, plus
ensuring any driver related issues are grandfathered in.
...Probably goes like a duck into water in typical *nix box

Offhand, a Phenom six-cores sounds conceivably older, maybe a
year or two, in the ASUS config. I can't believe, though, a
build like that would eat two HDD, DVD, and case fan. Outer
Limits stuff.

Digging into PCs plain ain't done right if it ain't fun. And
scared don't count when it's out of bounds;- most rules fall
under: if you can pay then that's the ticket to play.

I can't say I'm surprised at Amazon's price, but I have a very low
opinion of their pricing on a lot of items anyway.

I bought my mobo back in 2010 or so. It was a lot less costly then

IIRC, ASUS offered two similarly named mobos at the time when I
bought it; perhaps one was for the European market and one for the
U.S. ??? - shrug.

Regardless, my mobo has held up well over the years and still does
what I want it to do. Where it shows its age is wrt new tech. Data
transfer speed is something I like, so it'd be nice to have USB 3.1
capability. And I seem to recall reading something about similar
progress for SATA transfer speeds. My mobo of course handles USB
3.0, not the newer USB 3.1.

In retrospect, the mobo is probably not a good match with the case
because the PSU is located on the bottom. The mobo has two slots
for a graphics card. I tried the suggestion to move the graphics
card to the other slot in order to make the PCI-e slots accessible.
Doing so freed up access to the PCI-e slots but created what seems
to me a different problem - the graphics card was immediately above
the fan of the PSU. There was a narrow gap between the card and
the PSU. I was worried that the flow of the air from the PSU would
overheat the graphics card - the PSU fan and the graphics card's
fan faced other directly - so I placed the card back to where I had
it to begin with.


Isn't the PSU fan "pulling" in the "exhaust" direction ?

The warm cloud around the video, should be moving through
the PSU. (Just as normally, a PSU would pull the warm cloud
from the CPU, through the PSU cabinet.)

And your motherboard has nice slots, as they're
all Rev.2 type.


Older USB3 chips, have only a single lane (x1).
The newer USB3.1 chips have x2 wiring and an
x4 edge connector. So far, I haven't been "blown
away" by the improvement. I don't have good
enough test devices for that.


You're right. The air flow from the graphics card pushes down towards
the bottom of the case. That of the PSU fan seems to be sucking air
downwards and pushing it out the back of the case. I interpreted the
PSU description I read to mean that the PSU sucked the air in from the
rear and directed it up into the case in order to blow air over the CPU
and the fan at the top of the case would vent the hot air out the top.

Old June 11th 18, 02:30 PM posted to alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt
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Default Upgrading USB 2 to USB 3 ports on a computer case

On Mon, 11 Jun 2018 07:04:15 -0000 (UTC), "Yes"

Buying stuff through Amazon definitely is a Caveat Emptor. Sometimes
prices are good, sometimes ridiculously overpriced. I check it out for
non-computer goods, mainly grocer store type canned and dry goods. I
have a sweet tooth and the pricing for those type of goods may be up to
2.5 times higher than what I would pay for at the grocer in person.
Recently I bought a Honeywell floor fan. Amazon's prices were $22+.
The price for the same model at Target and Walmart was $12. I'm
debating with myself whether to subscribe to Amazon Prime for their
digital content. So, I will buy stuff at Amazon, but only after making
sure that I don't find cheaper prices for the merchandise at another

My apologies about the rant. I can see Amazon's appeal, especially
shipping, but I no longer automatically think of Amazon as offering the
best prices for goods. As you point out, caveat emptor.

No apologies for me. I can't see it anymore. Too many times up and
around making mountains from molehills in investing. They're all so
many tools to a modern world of mercantilism. A whole WEB of them.
Integrals, such as Amazon, among several if not too few whereby to
drill for the very best possible, from a widest array of solutions
presented, at the very least possible inconvenience to your wallet. A
true capitalist is an élitist -- one who _knows_ better (than anyone
else);- he's apt to be found in search of another, a lesser being
willing to play _his_ game: All it takes to tango is a willingness to
meet him and put up the money behind where your big mouth is.

Count me out. Although I _do_ irrevocably know that I can do again,
what I do not know is why, particularly, I should invest for the sake
of continued investment;- Ergo sum: to not longer be the player, I
must then be a spec, a mote, beneath even a mere fly on a wall. ;-0

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