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John Hupp
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Default Track-At-Once burning fails on some USB CD-RW

Please help me get to the bottom of this.

With a Digital Research Me-320-XX external USB CD-RW, burning with the
Track-At-Once method fails, whether with Windows Media Player 9 (which does
not offer Disc-At-Once) or NTI DVD-Maker. The burn completes without error,
but there is nothing on the CD.

I can burn successfully to the Digital Research drive with NTI using
Disc-At-Once, so it seems like the drive is fundamentally OK.

Track-At-Once burning with either software worked fine with an OptoRite
external USB CD-RW, so I know its not a fundamental problem with my software
or Windows installation.

Anyone run into the same problem and have a resolution?

--John Hupp