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Default """Plez-Help"""Req. Files or OS Read Inside

I have a Compaq Presario 5000 ( Model 5BW130 ) I formated and reinstalled the windows 98se from a second original partition
that was on the hard drive now the computer when booted up might stay on 5-20 min. then it will reboot and stay on again for another
5-20 min and reboot from what I've read the original restore cd put settings and files in the registy and operating system to prevent this
I've updated all the drivers and what they call softpaq updates but it still keeps rebooting also put in another 15gb hard drive with win98se
whitch reboots about as fast as it get loaded I would like to know if anyone would have the restore cd they could upload for me or know or
have files i need and the registry setting
Thanks For Your Help