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Alex Nichol
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Louise wrote:

Looking at various DVD RW drives, Sony amongst them. It
comes with DLA, which I gather is different from regular
packet writing software which I think is referred to as

How does DLA compare?

There can be a confusion of terminology - UDF is the File system
normally used when a disk is written in Packet mode; it can also be
used in other circumstances but the terms do tend to get mixed

DLA is a good packet writing program (now owned by Veritas who
unfortunately seem to be spending little effort on developing it) and
has pretty good compatibility with Direct CD's interpretation of the
standards. I used it when I had HP drives in preference to the other
ones and it would read disks from the then version of Direct CD. .
But now you only get it AFAIK as a free provision for HP or Sony, or
if you get the CD (not download) of RecordNowMax Platinum from Whether Sony have had it enhanced to handle Mount
Rainier formats would be interesting to find out

Alex Nichol
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