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"MaryL" -OUT-THE-LITTER wrote in message
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"steve" wrote in message
Are the 2 ports under the start-up button USB ports? I tried Compaq
support but could not get through. Thanks

I think there were some variations. I have 2 USB ports on the front (they
are rectangular, and on mine they are "stacked" one above the other). If
you look carefully, you will probably see a tiny figure etched into the
case, like the one always included on USB cables. And, if they look
alike, they are probably both USB. I also have another port to the left
of the 2 USB ports. It is shaped differently, with a rounded end. I have
never used it, but I think it is for games.


Ooops! This is my first day reading this newsgroup, and I just realized
that I replied to a *very old* message. My apologies!