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Dennis Kessler
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gmccx wrote:

Do a Google for diskaction which is a small bit of s'ware that tries to
log HD accesses and will usually tell you what software caused it.

sounds good, but I was able to find it only at pcmag. You must be a paid
member to download it. The computer that I am trying to fix is not mine,
so I'm not going to pay the fee.


I ran it a while as a test, and it doesn't ID everything but it might be
worth a try.

Dennis Kessler wrote:
"HH" wrote:
Right click on any CD-ROM drives in Device Manager and select Properties,
then the Advanced tab.


BTW: the mail stoppped. Not sure which change did that. Now just to run
down the disk access. I'll try the CD tab, but I doubt that that's
accounting for the excessive dick access.



"Dennis Kessler" wrote in message
"HH" wrote:
If so, disabling Auto-Insert Notification in Device Manager
should fix it. HH

I don't see "Auto-Insert Notification in Device Manager" in the device
manager in the pc that I am sitting next to (not the one with the
problem). Is it on every Windows 98 machine?


"doS" wrote in
The disk activity may be your cd roms ...Windows checks the
cdrom status regularly...

"Dennis Kessler" wrote in message
How can I stop the mail and constant hard drive activity?

Everytime the Presario 5170, running Windows 98 is booted up, the
computer tries to send an email. I can see this activity on
my router's log file. No mail programs are running. Nothing
is queued to be sent.

This began yesterday, (I think, after fiddling with the
internet keyboard buttons). Prior to yesterday, I had the
startup configuration in msconfig, set to not load the
Compaq startup software that controls the keyboard buttons.

Also, I see the hard drive light showing regular activity
every several seconds, no matter how long the computer is

The disk activity is not the fast find program. I have that
set to stop.


Dennis Kessler