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Default Intel cuts cpu prices 50%?

Somewhere on teh intarweb "Phil Weldon" typed:
'Joe' wrote:
Is that server processors the cut the prices on or desktop or
whatever? thanks, I saw on Digg they (Intel) were cutting there
prices and I just can't stand it anymore, so what's the best
bang/buck now? heh, I don't think AMD can beat this price if it's
desktop cpu's there talking about, thanks in advance...Joe


You mean like a QX6700 Core 2 Quad Extreme 2.66 GHz for $521.00 US?

Phil Weldon

You might have to wait a while for them to clear 'old' stocks, it's now $266
from Intel.

These price drops are what I've been waiting for. Soon hopefully I'll be
able to replace my E4500 @ 3.2GHz (cores running at ambient + 2C while
idling, on air, Tt mini-Typh. Both cooler and CPU lapped) with a 45nm CPU.
I'm still unsure whether to get a 2 or a 4 core CPU, nothing I do currently
even remotely taxes my CPU. I just want to get a more powerful one while the
getting's good, to 'futureproof' my system as much as I can.