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Default Intel CPU prices going up?

nospam wrote:
In article , Yousuf Khan

Intel's processor prices have been going up recently, rather than down.
They're blaming it on production problems. Intel has been well known to
be stuck on the 14nm node for a while now. Instead of going towards 10nm
they just keep incrementing their 14nm with plus signs, what are they up
to now, 14nm++++? Regardless, even at 14nm they were able to keep up
with production before, why not now? It's not even only their high-end
processors that are in short-supply, even their low-end value-oriented
processors like i3-8100 or i5-8400 are not available. This doesn't sound
like a high-demand supply shortage, it just sounds like just basic low
yields to me. Do you think that maybe even their internal tinkering with
14nm is making things worse for them? Perhaps, 14nm++++ is not as good
as 14nm+++? In the meantime, AMD is at 12nm and humming along, and ready
to migrate towards 7nm within less than a year.

intel is having a ****load of trouble getting to 10nm. meanwhile, 7nm
parts are shipping from other fabs.

The 10nm actually exists. These people offer a reverse-engineering
analysis of the *shipping* 10nm processors in the Chinese market.

Those are retail processors, with some being taken apart for
that analysis.

Now, the fact they're shipping in low volumes means:

1) Could be low yield.
2) Not enough production lines (yet).
3) Could be a material expense issue (profit not large enough).

Obviously Intel did these shipments for P.R. reasons,
not to "make a profit from the Chinese market". They needed
to show investors and the stock market, how close they are
to 10nm.

Notice in the 9900K announcement, that Intel is mentioning
the usage of Solder TIM again, so the added expense isn't
bothering them for those parts. And their "conflict minerals"
policy, I expect that's gone out the window in the name
of keeping the business afloat.

Never count Intel out.

They have a lot of levers they can use, to make a
nuisance of themselves :-) It's one of the reasons
I would not count them out. They're not afraid of