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Default Intel CPU prices going up?

Yousuf Khan wrote:
Intel's processor prices have been going up recently, rather than down.
They're blaming it on production problems. Intel has been well known to
be stuck on the 14nm node for a while now. Instead of going towards 10nm
they just keep incrementing their 14nm with plus signs, what are they up
to now, 14nm++++? Regardless, even at 14nm they were able to keep up
with production before, why not now? It's not even only their high-end
processors that are in short-supply, even their low-end value-oriented
processors like i3-8100 or i5-8400 are not available. This doesn't sound
like a high-demand supply shortage, it just sounds like just basic low
yields to me. Do you think that maybe even their internal tinkering with
14nm is making things worse for them? Perhaps, 14nm++++ is not as good
as 14nm+++? In the meantime, AMD is at 12nm and humming along, and ready
to migrate towards 7nm within less than a year.

Yousuf Khan

"Intel are finished, finished I tell you"

No, they're not.

They wouldn't have switched on 14nm, without the
yield being there to begin with.

Did they clear out some 14nm fab building to make way
for 10nm equipment ? If you've seen pictures of that
before, when they change generations, the building is
gutted, and there's just an acre of flooring with
absolutely nothing sitting on top of it. If they
decide to change process nodes, there's really
no turning back. It's an all or nothing change.

What they might have done, is taken a chance on reducing
the number of lines making 14nm, while they gear up
for 10nm. And got caught without enough redundancy or
production capacity.

This is a table from a recent Anandtech article announcing
the 9900K.
22nm 14/14+ 14++

Transistor fin pitch 60 42 42

Transistor gate pitch 90 70 84--- relaxed pitch

Interconnect pitch 80 52 52

Transistor fin height 34 42 42

Some nodes are done for power saving, some are
done for max_clock (performance). The above doesn't
suggest a lot of radical change.


And is the price change in the INTC pricelist document,
or are you referring to the price at your store (retail) ?
As it could take tariffs into account, if it is a retail price.