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Yvo wrote:
Has anyone tried the new hp/compaq zt3000.

It is listed on HP Shopping's website but hardly, if any, internet
reviews are available on this product. I guess it just came out
because the feature set it has is terrific and I would have bet that
a Cnet would have reviewed it by now.

Ran across one in Best Buy. It reminds me of the original 1986 Mac
portable, or a George Foreman Grill. The keyboard platform has room for
a dinner plate, or a small pizza. For some odd reason, it and the
wide-screen Toshiba sitting next to it on the display were offensive,
like a Ford Expedition riding up the back end of my wife's Miata as seen
from the rear-view mirror. I think it really wants to be a legal-size
full page display, but the hinge is on the wrong side. I think it
should have towing hooks. Placed on a pole, it will light up a football
field. It provides an entirely new definition for "portable".