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I believe they came out in August but started shipping in September or
something like that, it hasn't been long! But I will say this...the ZT3000
and especially the ZD7000 (17" LCD) are SWEET ass notebooks! I seriously
have my eyes on them for a upcoming purchase (hopefully). Keep in mind the
17" model is suppose to weigh something like 9.9lbs but how can you resist
that 17" display

One thing that annoys me on the HP website is that they have NO product
tours for their notebooks, they only have a picture! That doesn't really do
much for people buying straight from the internet who haven't seen the
product up close in the stores. Compaq is doing the same thing on their
models as well, except a few of them do have tours but most don't. I have
complained about this ever since the two companies merged together. Compaq
use to have product tours for all their systems, now your lucky if you can
find one tour at all and HP, I don't recall them ever having product tours
for their system. Why, I don't know. I have still never gotten a
response from HP or Compaq regarding this...I guess they just don't care and
I'm sure it has some effects on their internet sales.

I know that CompUSA has both of these notebooks in the stores but I haven't
seen them at other stores as of yet. Prices are not bad at all either.

Hopefully I will have one of them soon.

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Has anyone tried the new hp/compaq zt3000.

It is listed on HP Shopping's website but hardly, if any, internet reviews
are available on this product. I guess it just came out because the

set it has is terrific and I would have bet that a Cnet would have

it by now.