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Libor Striz
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res0r89p Tue, 18 Nov 2003 22:37:51 GMT wrote ...

I bought Nero 6 OEM and am trying INCD without success. I've tried several
brands of CDRW in my drive (HP 9900i, Win 2000, P 3, 733, 640 megs) but
after a few seconds of "formatting", INCD says that the disk has "errors". I
dual boot Win 2000 on this computer and the drive and CDRWs work fine with
Roxio 5.5 Platinum and Direct CD. Any ideas? Thanks.
Peter Cowie

I am almost feeling bad being so lucky
with InCD 3.39.0 / Nero Express
(bundled with my LG GCC 4480B CDRW/DVD combo )
/ Win98SE/Cel600/64MB.

I regularly use InCD with the only CDRW
at home to one-way tranfer of files
to my job, where I have installed
Easywritereader for CDROM being able to read it.

I have not encountered any problem with InCD yet.
( Maybe after I wrote this ....... :-) )

"Libor the Wanderer"
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