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Default PC vendors scramble as Intel announces vulnerability infirmware [Updated]

On 2017-11-23, root wrote:
Bobbie Sellers wrote:
This is not as bad as painted by alarmists.
Most private systems are not at risk.
MS has a tool to check your Intel processors.
Below here are the URLs for the real story and
for the tools to check your system.

Two of my systems report vulnerabilty but I can't find clear instructions
from the URL below. One of the systems was built up from an MSI motherboard
and the MSI website has no mention of SA-00086.

For more information refer to the SA-00086 Detection Tool Guide or the
Intel security advisory Intel-SA-00086 at the following link:

If it is just the firmware, then I would assume that the kernel firmware in
linux could handle it. Or is that not true?

And what can the manufacturers (who intel points you to to fix this) do abuot
it? And with many many computers not made by big long lived manufacturers does
this mean that Intel is just leaving most machines out to dry?