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Default "Easy Access Buttons"....yes, again!

LOVED the keyboard on my old 5838 so much, I made sure my new keyboard
had Internet buttons. A very nice addition was the web forward/
backward buttons, I'm gonna miss those (sniff...)

Unfortunately the KEYS on my nice new keyboard were CRAP!! The
keyboard didn't last a year before the keys started failing. Bought a
cheap "Iconcepts" keyboard that had the same Internet buttons, but
some keys on it failed within a few weeks!

So, dug out my old Compaq keyboard. First thing I notice is the
buttons don't work. Second thing is DANG these keys are nice! They
have a lot more travel than the keys on my old boards. And they

Actually, SOME of the buttons work. "Shopping" gives me my homepage.
"Search" gives me calculator, LOL. That's it, though.

D/L'd and run the EAB support, and it said "Install failed." Anyone
know why? Was surprised to see the EAB icon in the tray, and try
changing a few keys, but still nothing.

Anyone know what I need to do to get the buttons working? My first
thought is there should be something in there reading buttons from the
old board, but I can't find anything on the hard drive, nor on task
manager. How do the other boards read the Internet buttons?

Thanks, all!