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Default Compaq Portable II Power Supply Problem

There is nothing "industry standard" about the parts inside the old Compaq
"luggable." Unless you can find one on eBay or somewhere cheap to scavenge
parts, it would be best to just forget it. It was a remarkable unit for its
time, but that time is long past.


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I would really appreciate your help. I have a Compaq Portable II (286
CPU) that I was given, working state unknown. When I plug it in and
switch it on I hear a beeping noise and only the floppy drive light
blinks on and off. The hard disk doesn't spin up, no monitor, or
lights on kb About a minute later, smoke started to waft out of the
power supply vent area. After removing the PS and blowing all dust
off, and reinserting, still same. Thought I could sue an AT PS until
saw the strange card connecter.

Do you think the PS is dead? Or is their something else I should try?


Magic Smoke is a Bad Thing. Finding parts for these beasts is a
challenge. There never were very many, and the most of what did exist
has been junked one way or another.

There's another fellow mucking with one of these these, see the posts
around march 12th. You might want to contact him.