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Default Presario 5000: How to get at 3.5" drives?

Per Eric H:
The whole bezel can be removed by putting your hand under the front and
lifting the clip and pulling towards you.

I must have a different case then. There's no clip, just a little plastic part
that says "5000" and can be pried out of the bezel. It's on two posts, which
go into holes in the bezel.

I ground down an old screwdriver to a chisel point to make a tool to get at the
clips of the inner bezel. There's a cutout in the inner bezel on each side of
the CD storage area and a little arrow logo on the bezel near each cutout. I'm
guessing that's some sort of access point/indicator for getting at the inner
bezel clips.

Right or wrong, it worked.


Maybe I've stumbled on the reason this particular case was discontinued. -)