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Default Presario 5000: How to get at 3.5" drives?

"(PeteCresswell)" wrote in message
Per (PeteCresswell):

But I cannot figure out how to get the face of the case off.

I would amend that: what I really meant to say is that I can't get the
bezel off.

This is a 5005CL. The case is different from most in that instead of a
that you lift off to expose the innards, there is only a side panel. The
of the case is a single unit.

With the side panel off, I can get to three of the bezel clips on that
side and
can pry the bezel up a little - hoping to pivot it on the other side's
But it seems to be hanging up on something so that it cannot be opened
more than
about a sixteenth of an inch.

I've got CompaQ's "Maintenance and Service Guide Compaq Presario 5000,
5100, and
5200 Series Computers", but it's removal/replacement procedures refer to a
conventional hooded case and not my case in which only one side panel is

I'm getting close to unleashing my inner Magilla-The-Gorilla and just duct
taping the thing back together when I'm done.

I have had trouble getting the fronts off as well. I think you have to grab
the front from the bottom where you should find a recess and pull back
towards you and upwards. I seem to remember there is a plastic bit that
sticks out and you have to lift it a little to unclip.

Good Luck.