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Default "Microsoft email - virus


Have just received & deleted two fairly authenic looking emails supposedly
from Microsoft but actually emails containing trojans/viruses - and detected
my anti-virus software ( Both had attachments.

I know these are not new but thought I'd bring them to the attention of
anyone who may be
interested that they are still going around. The details a-

1. Says it is from :Microsoft Technical Service" with a subject heading of
"Last Network Email System Critical Upgrade" & an attachment. Have viewed
body of the email without opening it, & it reads extremely authenically &
certainly looks like it is from MS.

2. Says it is from "MS Network Email System" with a subject heading of
"Failure Advice" & an attachment. Again the body of the email reads well -
refers to a virus
being the cause & says it caught & deleted it.

Thought that reporting these examples may be of some assistance to someone.

Please note:... the emails were deleted & just to be sure I ran a full virus
scan on my hard drives.
I also never open any attachment unless I am aware of the source & run a
virus checker over it etc.
In these cases I was also alerted by the fact that I do not subscribe to any
MS Network services.

Regards from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia