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Thanks HH.....Looks like a lot of work.....I may not try this myself after

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. net...
Firstly, you won't see a major improvement going from a K6/2 400 ro a K6/2
550. That said, you will have to change several jumpers for the new
processor as follows
JP1 (clock multiplier)
Pins 1-2 not jumpered
Pins 3-4 not jumpered
Pins 5-6 Jumpered
JCK3 (CPU bus speed)
Pins 1-2 not jumpered
You will also have to rejumper JP3 for the correct CPU core voltages for

550. (Check with AMD for the data)
J17 is a fan connector
There should be a label inside the case with jumper switch location and


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. ..
I recently purchased the max processor for my presario 5240 (AMD K6

along with new fan and heat sink. My question is: how difficult is it

replace the processor? I would like to do it myself if possible.