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Mike S.
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Default Sony CD-R media

Haven't bought blank CD-R's in a while. Staples is running a special on
Sony 48X "Made In Taiwan" media. I figured it's probably CMC Magnetics,
who have gotten better in recent years (e.g. the good comments on the HP
discs sold by Staples) so I have it a try.

Surprisingly the ATIP identifies the manufacturer as .. Sony ... perhaps
not surprisiningly, as they actually bear very little physical resemblance
to recent-manufacture CMC discs. They do smell, and have sticky edges.

I ran a tracking/focus error run on my Plextor Premium and results were
generally good except the TE started to take off 74 minutes or so.

I've een various postings that these may actually be manufactured by Lead
Data or Acer ... any knowledge/opinions?