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Default PC won't turn on. It seems it isn't a power-supply probl

a neighbor had a similar problem, and it turned out to
be the power cable.
Also, if the recepticle is on a switch, and it's switched
off, then there is no elec reaching the computer which would also cause your
sometimes its the most basic things, and they are ofter over looked because
we take them for granted.


"phl0w" wrote in message
.. .
Yes, I mean, I'm almost sure of it. The motherboard is a AG8-V or
something, don't remember exactly right now.. anyways, I forgot to
say, that when I tried the power supply (both of them), the
motherboard showed some weird numbers... that's when I was sure
electricity was going through that couldn't be the power supply...
anyways, I'm almost sure it's the motherboard... I just want second
opinions... I want to make sure.

Thanks for your time and reply.