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Default Please Help! In search of a Packard Bell Master CD# 170210

On Jan 19, 8:24*am, Snobrdr000 wrote:
Hello all,

It seems that related posts from others in search of this CD have come
up here a handful of times over the years. *I'm trying to restore my
vintage Packard Bell machine (PB Pro 65CD Supreme) to it's former
glory but am missing the original Master Restore CD ...#170210. *I
still have the original 3.5" floppy to boot the restore from, but lost
the Master CD many years ago and didn't consider that I would ever
need it again ...I obviously underestimated the sentimental attachment
I had to this machine. *Any help (copy or original for sale?) would be
greatly appreciated.


i still have my packard bell executive 907d P75 corner unit all
with all original software installed win95 plus original cd's for the
have all software cd's as well that were supplied + Cd's Listed
just incase anyone is looking for a copy
i am replying and puting the info here as it will save me digging them
again still runs ok which reminds me must get a new bios battery
hope this info is of use to someone out their not used it much for a

1x ver1 european /french- english recovery cd pt no 675920300
1x ver2 " " " recovery cd pt no
1x Miro Connect 34 Sound Card/Modem Drivers cd Ver 3.08
1x " " " Office Suite + Drivers cd Ver