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In article , "Ben Pope"

Paul Mathews wrote:
You sure were did you here that from ?

What? Whether the feature is there or whether it works?

The feature to up the voltage on one of the chipset chips (don't recall
North/South) IS there.

I think I heard that it doesn't work from various posts on nForcersHQ.
Never really tested it myself.


If you are referring to this mod:

the CM3708 has no programmable options. You could tie a GPIO
pin from one of the motherboard chips, to a resistor divider
network on the Vref pin, which could be used to give you two
programmable voltage values. So, it can be made adjustable,
but from the mobo manufacturers point of view, if the
Vreg had been designed properly in the first place, there
wouldn't be any need to mod it or overvolt it. The problem
was, the circuit undervolts unintentionally, and this
should have been fixed on later boards.

The datasheet for the CM3708 is he

On page 6 of the datasheet, L1-C1-C2 is the filter network on the
output side of the regulator (being chinese, they drew the schematic
backwards :-). On the A7N8X-E, these components are likely to be
the coil and cap near the right hand end of the AGP slot. Maybe
someone who owns both older and newer versions of the board, could
measure the voltage at the output filter, and prove this has been