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Default "Firm Seeks Class Action Suit Over WD’s SMR Hard Drives"

"Firm Seeks Class Action Suit Over WD’s SMR Hard Drives"

"Hattis & Lukacs, a class-action firm, has begun soliciting plaintiffs
for a potential class-action lawsuit against hard drive maker Western
Digital (WD) for not disclosing that several of its hard drives use
slower, SMR technology."

"We recently reported that Western Digital (WD) was shipping hard drives
with SMR technology, a technology that boosts capacity but results in
slower hard drives, without listing that fact in marketing materials and
product specifications. Further scrutiny found that Toshiba and Seagate
also engage in the practice, which obviously leaves the door open for
litigation against those companies, too."

"Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) involves overlapping recording tracks
on a hard drive to boost capacity and reduce manufacturing costs, but it
results in reduced performance in several types of workloads. For
instance, ServeTheHome posted an article yesterday that outlined the
performance compared to standard Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR)
drives, finding much slower speeds in several tasks."

I had no idea.