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Default Computer will not start

On Jan 14, 10:37 pm, pcbldrNinetyEight wrote:
wrote :

I did not build this computer ... but I am trying to fix it. The
computer is a custom build.

I have an Altec SLK1650 case. I am trying to track down a problem.
If I can get the computer to start the computer works fine. When I
press the button to start the computer it will make the appropriate
sounds but within 1 second the computer dies. If I press the start
button repeatedly it will act like it is going to start for
progressively longer times until it finally it continues running. At
this point the operating system is not running but the fans are
running. I then push the reset button and then the computer start
starts normally. I replaced the power supply (350W) with a 450W but
that did not help. At this point the computer will not start at
all. If I hold the reset button in and press the start button the
computer will sound like it is running but will not boot. When I
release the reset button the computer dies. Just wondering if it
might have something to do with the start or reset buttons. Any
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help ... Michael

I don't know if that case uses stand offs for the MOBO (I'm too lazy to
research now) but if one was left in the wrong place it could short out
on the back of the board and cause the problem you describe.


I took a look at the stand offs. All of the screws through the MOBO
have stand offs associated with them that are also screwed through the
case. That possible issue does not seem to be a problem.

One thing that I have read about on other threads is that there is a
"POST beep" but I am not sure that I had one prior to this problem