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Default Same file different spacing for diferent users

We are experiencing a strange problem here with a printer HP 8000 and a
file of MS Word 2003 Pro.

The same network file is coming up with a different spacing for
different users and too they cut the Word with they have a Apostrophe.
like example: It's like this will be print like this It ' s this

It's only with the font CG Times, Italic

The margins are set to 1" and all settings that I could think of are
set to match.

The think that we know is:

-8 Different users are accessing a number of different files and four
of them are getting one setting and 3 are getting another.
-CG times font come only with the HP printer 8000
-The Printer has to be the default to see the Font CG times.
-Cut always the word when you have apostrophe
-Do the spacing when the keyboard is in french

Any suggestions as to where I start pulling out hair.