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Sounds like you dont have the HSF seated properly and thermal protection is
engaging as you suggested, maybe reread your instructions and reinstall your
HSF. test it outside of case to make sure it is working prior to installing
the MB.(screwdriver start shorting the power on pins idea. Same deal to turn
it off, just don't keep the screw driver there too long, just needs a few
seconds to work for on or off.)

"Bob" wrote in message
I've just installed a Zalman 7000A heatsink/fan to try to quiet down my
system. Unfortunately when I plug everything back in and power up, the
system only gets power for a few seconds then everything turns off. During
those few seconds all the fans spin up, so everything is plugged in
properly, the system just keeps turning off.

I put back my old heatsink (put the noise protectors back over my ears)

they system boots up fine. Pheew - not killed it!

Has anyone else managed to get one of these Zalman heatsinks/fans to work
with their ABit KD7 motherboards? I'm thinking maybe it has something to

with the fan speed or cpu heat protection thingys this motherboard has.

Any suggestions would be great, since I have to take the motherboard out

reinstall this heatsink (screws screw in from the underneath) and I'd like
to have some idea that could fix it.