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On Sat, 14 May 2005 20:47:30 -0400, Husky wrote:

Without spending an arm and leg for a scanner.
I went and got the hp PSC 1315v psc=printer, scanner, copier] all in one.
It does all three, and the only gripe so far was some banding [someone called
Moire] on some magazine scans.

Without a magnifying glass, it's not real noticeable. But it is there.

I'm thinking I have a bargain scanner, and the default settings may be the best
I can hope for.

You can eliminate (or at least minimize) that with a little "post
production" work in a photo editing program like paintshop pro or
photoshop. Even the cheap $50 photo editors (and a few freeware ones)
have moire removal or "soften" features. It's basically a slight
blurring of the image.

On newer printers with "moire correction" features, it's usually done
the same way via the driver. The difference being that the photo
editor programs tend to do a better job and are ALWAYS faster.

You aren't missing much without this particular feature.

Another trick you can use for scanning magazines that helps a lot is
to slip a piece of black paper behind the page you're scanning. It
helps prevent "bleed through" of the text and images from the opposite
side and the following page.