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Default VIA kt266a ( north bridge ) can use 1gb dimm ?

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007 00:52:17 +0800, TE Chea wrote:

Mboard ( Jetway v266b ) manual says up to 512mb dimm only. I like to
use the highest size dimm possible. Any1 here has experience of kt266a
with a 1gb dimm ?

If the manual says 512M max, then I' say that's the largest size you can
use and get use of the full 512M. If you try a 1G dimm it will only give
you half of it, unless the board is really wired for 1GB, and the kt266A
actually supports 1 GB dimms. My advice, forget it, or start searching for
info on the kt266a memory controller and chip pinout. And good luck with
that. Or just try one. It won't damage anything.

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