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zack wrote:

A mate of mine has a pressario 4000, v4260ea
he forgot to get a backup copy of the hard drive
when he bought it and now it gone down taking
the hidden partition with it.

Can anyone supply me with a dvd of the backup,
im in england if that makes any difference.

My email is in my headers.


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You can contact HP, they can supply recovery CDs. I just had my client order
a set for a 5000 series Pavilion that the user failed to create backup CDs
per the instructions. They continually ignored the nag messages about
making recovery disks and were very happy with their system until the hard
drive died... HP shipped 10 recovery CDs to them for $25 USdlrs...

You might get the system in front of you, and then do a support chat to
check if you can order the recovery CDs for your mates specific computer...