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Default Compaq laptop won't boot

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I have a Compaq nx6115 laptop. When I press the power button, the fan
whirs for about a second, and the hard drive access light comes on.
Then it cuts out (fan shuts down) and then this is repeated about
fifteen times. Eventually it stops doing this and the fan stays on,
but no hard drive activity and nothing ever shows on the screen. It
kind of acts "brain dead"...the wireless light doesn't come on, caps
lock doesn't light up, etc.

Brain dead is right. Since the lights aren't coming on, it might be memory,
or CPU, or mainboard. So try to locate the memory, remove and reinstall it.
If you have two modules, put only one in. Try again. Still dead? Swap to the
other memory module. Still dead? Take it to a shop - even I try to avoid
getting into the guts of a laptop.