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Default Error: Need instructions on purging memory for HP Officejet 300 All-in-one- Turned unit off during printing. Now unit prints endless garbage characters in page header even after being unplugged for 1+ Days

I'm sorry.... that was the very first thing I did. I've since
restarted the pc that initiated the print job a few times so that
definitely isn't it. I will try to restart the print spooler and of
course I think I read that the first thing to do to stop a bad print
job in progress is to PAUSE the print job and then cancel and purge it
but that's for next time

On Dec 20, 1:21 pm, Pen wrote:
**jt** wrote:
I know it is considered the unforgivable sin to turn off a printer in
the middle of a print job but I sent a job to the printer that was 1
page long and it started reprinting the job over and over again.(No I
didn't tell it to print more than once!) I stopped it after the 10th
printing of the job by turning the printer off. I waited about a
minute then tried again. It printed garbage data to the first to lines
of the page and then fed the paper through and repeated this behavior
continually. I then turned it off again but this time unplugged it and
waited a few minutes ....again the same behavior. I finally waited a
day with the printer unplugged and still the same behavior.

I was hoping a method existed of purging whatever memory location of
instructions and/or printer data that was making the 300 print even
after being unplugged from the electrical outlet, so that it simply
stops printing and returns to normal. Similar to hitting the reset
button on a PC stuck in a loop.

Any help would be appreciated,Check your printers in control panel. Delete the print job.