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Default HP 3600n resetting to factory settings?

"Mirko" wrote:
I do have onother clj3600n on another location (not close to actual
one), so I can try with english setup from the start. If all paths in
all languages are organized in the same way, and if english is 13 times
down in chinese lenguage selection this should do the trick, but...
Acording to HP manual, proccessing of language selection should start
with pressing Menu ? It would be much better to have some way of
reseting printer to the state that it was before first power up!
Usually there are procedures to do just that, sometimes they are not
described in usual documentation, but support should knew them... It
seems to me that HP might have forgoten cold reset/reset to factory
settings in the case of clj3600n?

This is the cold Reset procedure for the 3500, I don't have the 3600 manual but
this may work.
*Caution* - if this printer is networked you must power off and remove the EIO
(JetDirect) card before you do a cold reset or you will lose the network
1 Turn the printer on.
2 As the printer performs its power-on sequence, press and hold "tick" until
all three lights on the
control panel are lit.
3 When SELECT LANGUAGE appears on the display, press "up" until COLD RESET
appears on
the display.
4 Press "tick" . The printer will perform a cold reset and then continue its
power-on sequence.
NOTE: When you get SELECT LANGUAGE at step 3 you may be able to press "tick"
and then then "up" or "down" to select English, I'm not sure.