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David Maynard
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Dave C. wrote:

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-Alby Hewlet wrote:

thanks Dave, another riddle solved.

Can I assume that any DDR memory will run in any board that has DDR
capability regardless of fsb settings and memory settings?

No. Or else there wouldn't be much purpose to having the settings.

I mean, just using defaults, can you pretty much grab any old DDR stick
and put it in any old DDR slot and it will work?

No. Or else there wouldn't be much use in speed rating the things.

Ignoring the Athlon64 since it doesn't have an 'FSB' (memory controller
integrated and 'hypertransport' bus), the 'simple' answer is you (usually)
want DDR rated at the same speed as your processor's FSB because that is
the speed your processor can communicate to it at.

To explain...

(snip a book)

Holy crap, that's the best explanation I've ever seen. Good job. -Dave

Thank you, kind Sir.