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Default I still don't completly understand FSB....

Ok so this is what I thought;
as long as you had - mobo, cpu, and ram that had the same fsb speed they
would all run that speed

now I am hearing that it is an issue of overclocking and modifing ratios and

my question is; I now have an ABIT NF7-S (unsure which version, although the
seller advertised a 400mhz fsb board speed

I would like to utilize this speed, and have not yet selected any ram or a

There does seem to be a price difference between the 333mhz fsb cpu/ram and
the 400mhz equilivents. How much of a performance boost would I really get
in a non-hardcore enviroment.
(I do tend to have many, many operations going at once however, even if I am
not playing doom iii)

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