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On 22 Jan 2004 05:11:31 -0800, (Jim) wrote:

I have a Sony digi camcorder and a Sony DVD player. Want to convert
MPEGs from camcorder to VCD, because DVD player will not play CD R
MPEGS. Have EZ Creator 5. Know that Ver 6 will convert, but have heard
a lot of bad things about 6. Any suggestions? Should I dump EZ all
together and go with something else?

Frankly Ive never used EZCD to create video disks so I dont know about
much about it but Im sure its not that hard and does basic video fine.
It burns ISOs ok and Direct CD works ok for me.

If you want, try NERO at its free for 30 days - see how
you like it.

All you have to do is drag and drop the file to the empty usually left
window which represents a blank disk after choosing VCD or SVCD.

Has to be in the right format though. - for instance , for SVCD
480x480 and the sound has to be in a particular format. NERO will
attempt to convert sometimes though people say NERO isnt the greatest
at that. They recommend using TMPGEnc or some other encoder to convert
it. Other times youll get a warning saying you have to guy a plug in
for MPEG 2 stuff.

You also have the option of turning compliance off and just burning in
the format its in which might not work on your player.