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"zzipper" wrote:

Hi, I have just setup a P4 2.6C on a P4P800SE and I'm getting cpu temps that
don't make sense, much too low. In the bios, at idle it's showing 28.5C

My P4P800 SE has the opposite "problem".

Does anyone know where the "motherboard" probe is actually located on
the board?

All my Asus P4 boards previously have indicated very stable Asus probe
temperatures of no higher than mid-30C. The fastest processors were P4
2.4 fsb533 - non-HT.

M/bs were P4B533 and P4PE-X

Then a P4P-EX was used with a 2.67ghz cpu fasb533 - non-HT.
This gave cpu temperatures in the region of 46C. It was assumed the
temperature sensor was wrong or it was due to a different cpu

Now I have a P4P800 SE which is not only reports high temperatures -
but smells distinctly hot - possibly from the big chip heatsink
between the cpu & agp socket.

The P4P800 SE has a "Prescott" P4 3.0ghz fsb 800 and TwinX PC3200 low
latency 2x512mb.
Graphics is Asus 9570VTD 128 (Gefx 5900)

Windows XP HE

Psu is an Enermax 465 with twin large fans helping move air from round
the cpu.

Currently running with an open case.

Asus Probe readings:

On initial power-on today the M/B is 24C and cpu 35C

After running 3Dmark03
m/b 40C cpu 41C

The ambient temperature of the room seems to affect this combination
much more than it did previous ones.
Today is relatively cool (20C?)
On hot days (28C?) the cpu has been as high as 49C and the m/b 47C.

Have recently replaced the Intel supplied cpu heatsink with a
Coolermaster Aero4 running at its full speed of 3000rpm. The Intel fan
was running at about 3000 rpm on idle but literally screamed at
6000rpm when 3Dmark03 was running.