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Default P4P800SE cpu temps?

Hi, I have just setup a P4 2.6C on a P4P800SE and I'm getting cpu temps that
don't make sense, much too low. In the bios, at idle it's showing 28.5C
right now. In Windows a few minutes ago Asus Probe (latest version) showed
17 degrees C. Speedfan, again the latest version, is showing low 20's C for
the processor. What is even stranger is that I've got Q-Fan enabled at
11/16, it' slowest setting. I'm using a stock Intel cooler which is adequate
but doesn't cool THAT well from previous experience. Do I have a sensor
thermistor problem or is this an issue with rev1004 of the bios? Even
overclocked to 3.0 I don't get much difference. The board temp is higher
than the cpu, usually 31 ro 32C. Any input would be appreciated, the board
is 3 days old and I can exchange it if needed. My Celeron 2400 on a P4G8X
Dlx runs hotter than this, either at standard speed or at 3200 (which is
what I usually run it at). I idle at 39C, hit 50C or so when at full