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Mine is G4+MDHA32G and not 4A and i think doesn support Motherboard
with AGP wit 1.5v.
But what is very interesting is in A7N8X-X it works (A7N8X-X is 8x



Paul wrote:

In article , VP

I have a Asus A7n8x pcb 1.04 and with Matrox G400 32Megas
the Motherboard doesn't boot. I tested with Asus A7V333 and
it works fine.
Any compatibility problems Asus A7N8X with Matrox ?

Any help or sugestion is apreciated



Apparently, there are two kinds of G400 cards. This chunk of
text is posted multiple times in Google:

"When we launched G400 in May 1999, 4x motherboards did not
exist. Although our part was able to work in 4x transfer mode
we felt that before the Camino chip set was launched, it would
be unfair to our customers to guarantee 4x operation since there
are many factors that influence operation speed that are out
of our control. Matrox did however ensure 4x compatibility which
means that all Matrox G400 graphics boards will work seamlessly
in 2x or 4x systems.

Since Camino has launched, we have been able to extensively test
our boards with AGP 4x. We've identified the G400 boards that
support AGP 4x transfer rates with an additional '4A' in the
part number: G4+MDH4A32GB/40."

Check to see if your "AGP Warn" LED is lit on the motherboard.
Maybe the card is requesting 3.3V I/O operation, and the "AGP
Warn" circuit which monitors the TYPEDET# signal on the AGP
connector has detected this, and is preventing the pressing of
the power button on the front of the case from working.

I just noticed this on the Matrox forums:

"What products work in a 1.5v motherboard?"

"Products - All Matrox Graphic products

- Our G400 and later graphics cards (AGP4x or AGP2x) are
compatible with virtually all motherboards.

However, if the motherboard calls for a 1.5V card ONLY to be
installed, the 2x versions of our G400 card may not work

We've identified the G400 boards that support AGP 4x transfer
rates with an additional '4A' in the part number:

G400 boards without the '4A' in the part number may not work
with 1.5V only motherboards. Please note that all models of
the Marvel G400, G450, G450 eTV, and G550 series are not
affected as AGP2x versions of these cards don't exist."