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Default Do you think the days of the hard drive is finally over?

On Sat, 16 May 2020 07:50:32 -0400, Yousuf Khan

On 5/16/2020 5:31 AM, wrote:
20 terrorbites would be an "archive" drive with shingles.
The sensible drives go up to 16 TB? Even that is going to take ages for a scandisk.

I haven't done a scandisk in quite a few years, and prior to that it was
another few years since the previous one. It's not something I worry about,
nor do I worry about how long it takes to fill a drive with data. My
primary concerns are how many SATA ports and drive bays I have on hand.
Those are the limiting factors.

I think even 16 TB is way too large, shingles or not. It would still
take nearly 18 hours.

We all have different needs. My server has 16 SATA ports and 15 drive bays,
so the OS lives on an SSD that lays on the floor of the case. The data
drives are 4TB x5 and 2TB x10, for a raw capacity of 40TB, formatted to
36.3TB. I use DriveBender to pool all of the drives into a single volume.
Windows is happy with that. Since there are no SATA ports or drive bays
available, upgrading for more storage means replacing one or more of the
current drives. External drives aren't a serious long-term option.

The PC that I'm typing on, which I consider my workstation, has 6 SATA
ports native to the mobo, 3 NVMe sockets, and 10 drive bays. I use an NVMe
drive for the OS and 4TB x3 plus 12TB x2 for data, giving me 36TB raw and
32.7TB formatted. I also use DriveBender here, so Windows sees single
32.7TB volume. With one SATA port available (and 5 drive bays), I can
expand the storage by adding one drive. Beyond that, since I'll be out of
SATA ports and don't really want to use a PCIe SATA card, my next move
would be to replace the 4TB drives with something bigger.

At the moment, I'm looking at 12TB and 14TB drives as possible system
upgrades. The 16TB drives are still expensive, with most being north of
$400 apiece.

What would be a type of HDD that a system could handle practically now?
I think perhaps the upper limit is 8 TB? That would take nearly 9 hours
to fill. 6 TB would take 6.5 hours, 4 TB would take 4.5 hours.

Mine are 36.3TB and 32.7TB. I've never filled a volume that size all at