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Default Why is this folder so slow? (follow-up)

On 5/12/2020 9:30 AM, Frank Slootweg wrote:
Nope, it's off there [1] as well.

I've been using Thunderbird for 10 years and there are no .wdseml
files, no .mozmsgs folders and the 'Allow Windows Search to search
messages' option is unticked in both [2] places.

[1] Where 'there' is as you mentioned:

Tools - Options - 'Advanced' major tab - 'General' sub-tab - System
Integration - Always check to see if Thunderbird is the default mail
client on startup - Check Now.... - In the 'System Integration' popup,
the 'Allow Windows Search to search messages' option is*not* ticked.

[2] It's of course [3] one option, which you can set or unset in these
two places.

[3] OTOH, considering this 'Mozilla' crap, 'of course' is a rather
tricky notion!:-(

I found that it was unchecked in base directory, but it was checked in
the pop-up dialog box. It's now unchecked in both places, and it's
stayed that way so far after a few restarts. I'll check again ... yup,
still unticked.

Yousuf Khan