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Default Why is this folder so slow? (follow-up)

VanguardLH wrote:

The more I have dig into Thunderbird and its bugs whether reported or
not, the more I get the feeling that the "developers" are CSCI
undergraduates, and over the years the turn over of volunteers resulted
in no old farts left that are intimate with the entire product.

Thunderbird is an unbelievable mess and they keep on messing with it
('enhancements' :-(), instead of - as you pointed out. fixing bugs.

One of my many pet peeves: Thunderbird has 35+ - yes *thirty five
plus* - update-related settings (app.update.*) and *still* you can't
tell it to only notify you of updates *once* and then shut up (and not
install said updates).

I've set my old (60.9.0) Thunderbird to 'Never check for updates' and
managed to get rid of an already downloaded (but not installed) update,
so that it does no longer bug me about that.

But on SWMBO's system updates sneaked in and the 'Never check for
updates' option is no longer there! :-( So it's "We'll keep bugging you
till you give in or click the 'wrong' button and rinse-and repeat ever
after!". :-(

I've renamed Thunderbird's update.exe on her system, and managed to
get rid of the 'pop-down' (I think Mozilla calls it a 'doorhanger') she
gets at startup, nagging her to download a new version of Thunderbird,
because hers (68.5.0) can not be updated.

On this is just *one* area, where Thunderbird is completely broken.

Mozilla declared it was considering dumping Thunderbird onto other
open-source organizations (like how OpenOffice got dumped at the Apache
Software Foundation) was when I decided to terminate my trial of
Thunderbird. Well, that and my exasperation with Thunderbird that
pushed me to also dump it after a 6-month trial.

Why did it take you *that* long! :-)

Out of interest: What are you using now (for e-mail)?