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Default Why is this folder so slow? (follow-up)

On 12/05/2020 7:41 AM, VanguardLH wrote:

I see someone requested all those .wdseml files (under the .mozmsgs
folders) get deleted if the "Allow Windows Search" option gets disabled.
Opened on 10 YEARS AGO! Status is still New. Geezus.

Good find! And I see that there were discussions just 18 days ago on
this bug, and they were basically saying that considering how old this
request was made, that should he assume that this will never get

Then at:

users try to disable the option but it immediately reenables itself.
Rude! Provide the option but do not honor the user's choice. Yousuf
needs to check if the option: (1) remains disabled across multiple
restarts of Thunderbird; and, (2) if the option remains enabled if the
.wdseml files that he deleted are not replace with newly generated
.wdseml files.

Yes, this option appears in two separate sections, and I think as long
as it's off in both places, then it stays off. I just implemented this
on my laptop, after doing the same on my desktop. It's stayed off in
both places in both computers. It appears under Options - Advanced -
General = System Integration - Allow Windows Search to search
messages. And secondly, it also appears right above that option under
"Always check to see if Thunderbird is the default mail client on
startup", and there is a "Check Now" button; when you press the Check
Now, then a dialog box appears with this option enabled by default,
which you can uncheck.

"pull the plug with six months' notice if the Thunderbird project does
not make "meaningful progress in short order" in creating technical
infrastructure that's independent of Mozilla Corporation's."

That article is dated back in 2017. So, what magical evolution in
development resources has occurred for Thunderbird in the meantime?

"Mozilla stopped throwing resources at the project in 2012"

Somewhat explains why a vast number of big tickets have never been
addressed, but there are tickets still listed as New dating back to
2004. From,
lots of wavering on what to do with this lead balloon.

I think both email and newsgroups are now considered "old school"
Internet, few of the kids want to use either one of these anymore. When
they do use email, they usually use it through a web interface, rather
than through a locally stored interface.

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