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Default Help On Udf Reader

They seem to have done the trick, thanks.

smh wrote:

Tony wrote:

Help On Udf Reader!!
Friends, Recently, I purchased a Sony Dual-layer DVD burner which came
with NERO buring sofware, and an "updated" UDF reader. Previously, I had
Sanyo DVD ROM & a Sanyo CD burner, using Easy CD Creator. (I kept the CD
burner as a 2nd drive.) My problem is: of about 100 CDR-W's that were
burned using the UDF reader (that is bundled with Easy CD Creator) at
least 50% are "unreadable" using the UDF reader that came with the NERO
software. Does anyone know of a "work-around" for this problem? Is there
a program that will recover info from CDR-W's? I have called Sony about
the problem - they told me to pound sand - that there wasn't anything
they could do. NERO told me they are aware of the problem, but there's
nothing they can do either. I went to COMPUSA, and the morons had no
clue about recovery software. And, if you are thinking of suggesting I
reinstall Easy CD Creator, forget it! Installing these two programs on
the same computer will lock- up your system tighter than you have ever
seen! There has to be an easier way!! Thanks for any and all help!

These two were supposed to do something with udf problems:



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