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Matt U.K.
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Hmmm, you're comment was about as useful as a chocolate teapot! Anyway, I
found the information he-

"It is projecting price cuts for the 6XX family during the third quarter of
this year, with the 670 falling to $600 or so then. Other 6XX members will
also see a price drop in August."

Matt U.K.

"JAD" wrote in message
third week of may 2008, second Tuesday of the week....................

"Matt U.K." wrote in message
Hi all,

Does anyone know when the next fall in processor prices are due? I'm
a 'Pentium 4 670' (BX80547PG3800F)here in the U.K., can't seem to find
anyone selling them here or a U.S. company that ships international
( have them $853.99, but they do not ship international!).

Many thanks in advance

Matt U.K.

Machine Spec:-

Motherboard: AOpen 'AX4R Plus' Intel E7205 Chipset (Granite Bay).
Processor: Intel 'Pentium 4 3.06GHz' (Northwood,533 FSB) Socket 478.
Memory: 1GB 'Crucial' PC2100 DDR.
DVD Writer: 'LG' 4163B.
DVD-ROM: 'Pioneer' DVD-106S.
X2 Western Digital Caviar 80GB 'Special Edition' 8MB Cache 7200 rpm Ultra
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Monitor: 17" Samsung 'SyncMaster 700 IFT'.
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DSL Connectivity: SpeedTouch 510 v4 - 4 - Port ADSL Router (10/100Base-T
Ethernet switch).
3COM 10/100 (PCI) Network Interface Card (3C905CX-TX-NM).
ISP: PIPEX 'Solo 2000' (2Mbps).