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I have a few Compaq laptops that I'd love to see you pull this trick on.
Even a few Presario desktops that only supported one HD as shipped from

We weren't talking about laptops. Different animal, for the most part.

Both my 4112 and 7240 shipped with only a two connector data on the first
channal and the second channal. To add additional HDDs, I HAD TO USE STANDARD
DATA CABLES--no SCSI data cables were easily available retail in my area.
Could have special ordered them or had them made, I suppose, but for what

I would argue against describing these Presarios as only supporting one HDD as
shipped from Compaq (I have had a 386 and several 486 Compaq laptops that
support four IDE with a little bit of effort, and that Compaq will tell you
can't be done--"its not supported") Compaq was simply too cheap to supply
three connector data cables on both the channels, nor did they want the excess
cable stuffed into the boxes, I'd bet. On the systemboard of the 4112 they
were too cheap to include the sockets for additional RAM chips as well as the
socket for upgrade video memory. But the solder points and board space for
those sockets were there. But back to the HDDs--if you happened to have CS
three connector data cables, these Presarios would support four CS jumpered IDE
devices fine--and they would also support four IDE devices using standard three
connector data cables just as well, jumpered as Master and Slave,
appropriately. The systemboard didn't care.
The "support" was there, just not the necessary number of connectors on the
data cables. One just used the new three position data cable that comes with
most new HDDs. But the included cables have never been CS, in my experience.
Compaq 's going against the grain in using CS sure has been the source of much
confusion and many questions in support forums for Compaq.