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Usually, the POST message is separate from the BIOS stuff, although as Paul
so brilliantly put in his excellent post, it may be just a bad power supply.
If it *is* your hard drive, and it's out of warranty, I always recommend the
user take it apart and sand the disk platters using Coarse sandpaper even it
they previously wiped it... can't be too careful. Also, there are two very
powerful flat magnets housed in the arm assembly that you could carefully
pry out and have a lot of fun with! So even a dead drive can be a source of
amusement and fun

"Lindsay" wrote in message
Ok, a few weeks ago, my BIOS chip died, so I ordered a new one.
I have a ASUS P4S533 motherboard (it's like 1 1/2 years old). I
started the comp, everything worked, except for the CD and DVD ROMS.
Turns out, before I found out it was the BIOS that was dead, I had
taken it to a computer store to have it looked at. Without even asking
if they could start work on it, they switched a bunch of wires around
and never pulgged the power cords back into the CD drives but they DID
plug in the floppy, HD, and MB (with the 4 pin rectangular
So I tried to plug them back in. I switched them around to try and get
them all to fit into the 2 CD drives, the floppy, the HD, and the MB
and couldn't. I then called ASUS and they said that the motherboard
had something like EASY power or something (Im not sure) and that I
didn't need to have the 4 pin plugged into the MB. So i unplugged it
and reset the RAM just incase.
I started the comp and got a message that read SMART predicts that a
failure is imminent blah blah blah.
Now that didnt show up before i switch the wires. Could that be the
cause? Should I just hit "f1" and continue? or should I do something
else? I WAS fetting a different error before that. it read "failed to
write ESCD." So im not really sure what to do here. I've got alot of
important crap on there.