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Default Computer will not start

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I did not build this computer ... but I am trying to fix it.
The computer is a custom build.

I have an Altec SLK1650 case. I am trying to track down a
problem. If I can get the computer to start the computer works
fine. When I press the button to start the computer it will
make the appropriate sounds but within 1 second the computer
dies. If I press the start button repeatedly it will act like
it is going to start for progressively longer times until it
finally it continues running. At this point the operating system
is not running but the fans are running. I then push the reset
button and then the computer start starts normally. I replaced
the power supply (350W) with a 450W but that did not help. At
this point the computer will not start at all. If I hold the
reset button in and press the start button the computer will
sound like it is running but will not boot. When I release the
reset button the computer dies. Just wondering if it might have
something to do with the start or reset buttons. Any
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help ... Michael

You didn't describe the hardware. Make sure the CMOS jumper is set

I would assume that the CMOS jumper is set properly because the
machine has worked and nothing was changed.

I misunderstood. I was watching Tony Bourdain and making posts during
the commercials. In future I must do one or the other but not both.

What other bits is this PC made of?

Thanks for the Reply ... the components a

Motherboard Foxconn 915M03
Intel P4 540 3.2GHZ (I think) the only numbers on it are 35505002
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE soundcard
ATX Ver 2.01 450W power supply
SATA Western Digital Hard Drive 200G
Altec SLK1650 case

You didn't specify what is ram type, maker, amount and number or DIMM's?

If I understand correctly the PC worked properly for a time (possibly a
brief time) and now completely refuses to boot. May (or may not) help me to
know how many hours, days or months it functioned properly.

I doubt the buttons are a problem but you may be able to remove the front
cover of the case and push the switches directly just in case there's a
mechanical problem with the front cover. IIRC the switches are of the
momentarily on type meaning that they complete a circuit only for as long
as you keep them depressed. You can unplug them and test with a multimeter
to verify if they are normally open when not depressed and closed when

Read manual and verify that all power connections and case connectors are

The MOBO is in the discontinued list at Foxconn:

Link to Foxconn 915M03 page:

Link to manual:
Read manual, determine what options are on MOBO. Reply back with full model
number including suffix.

Try each of the following steps one at a time booting after each step
(unplug power cord before removing/installing hardware or jumpers)(use
grounding strap and observe ESD precautions):
Remove all boards except VGA (disregard if VGA on MOBO). Then boot.
If multiple DIMM installed remove all but one. Then boot.
Put in one DIMM then boot.
Repeat step with each DIMM singly booting each time.
Unplug all but boot drive. Then boot.
Enter BIOS and choose Load Fail-Safe Defaults. Then boot.
Reset BIOS. Be very careful not to power up before placing CMOS jumper in
normal run position. Then boot.
Remove processor heat sink and look for thermal paste. If none found then
remove processor and inspect socket and processor for damage. Apply paste
as needed, reinstall heatsink/fan then boot.

Reply back with your results.

I am fighting a particularly pernicious problem of my own with a CD burner
that corrupted my backups so I may be slow to respond.