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Default Motherboard "Acer F690GVM" of an Acer Aspire M1100

Good day,

I want to install Windows 2000 Server on an Acer Aspire M1100. The
machine's harddisk is a WD Caviar 320 GB attached via S-ATA. The S-ATA
controller sits on an Acer F690GVM mainboard. Since S-ATA is newer
than Win 2k, it is not supported by Win 2k Setup (Setup does not see
the disk).

Therefore I need to load the appropriate S-ATA controller, using that
F6 key right at the beginning of the Setup. Alas, the Acer came
without any CDs or other documentation (and with Vista pre-installed).
Hence I have no device driver for the S-ATA controller of said

An extended half-day long search via Google, Acer pages etc. did not
even hint at the existence of such a driver. (I wrote to Acer but I
did so before and know it takes eternities until they answer.)

Can someone help me to find the drivers for the F690GVM board?

By the way: I am not able to identify the location of the S-ATA
controller itself. Where the heck is it? Maybe I can find out the
"real" manufacturer of it and obtain a driver from them?

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

PS: It's not an option to hamper with the BIOS, say to switch the ATI
SATA Type from AHCI to ATA, install the OS, change it back after
finding the drivers, because the silly PhoenixAward BIOS has an
unchangeable entry "ATI SATA Type: Native IDE"...

PPS: I tried to make a slipstream with SP4, but even SP4 does not go
beyond the stage of where the Setup procedure says "No harddisk

PPPS: Other hints also gladly accepted.